Major Initiatives as Minister of Power

As Union Cabinet Minister of Power, Shri Suresh P. Prabhu has undertaken a number of initiatives notable of which are

Electricity for All by the year 2012 

The Ministry has set for itself a target of providing electricity for all by the year 2012 to be achieved through its availability, accessibility and affordability. The 16th Electric Power Survey has recently been released by the Central electricity Authority. As a sequel, an Action Plan for capacity addition of over 100,000MW of pwer as well as providing the associated transmission and distribution systems has been drawn up in the Ministry.

A high level multidisciplinary committee constituted under the Special Secretary (Power) has submitted a report for reduction of cost of power and thus making it affordable. The report is under implementation.

Electricity bill, 2001 

through a process of extensive consultation, a reasonable consensus has been built in respect of the integrated Electricity bill, 2001 hich has been introduced in the Parliament. a massice public awareness drive has been launched by addressing personal letters to member of opposition parties, public representatives and the media and holding seperte meetings with captains of industry and heads of financial institutions, multilateral agencies and trade unions and by conducting over 2000 Road shows countrywide. 

Transparency in bidding and Tenders 

Shri Prabhu has taken steps to introduce transparency in the tendering and bidding process. The initative has benn taken to setup an exclusive web site for tenders in the power sector which not only includes the information from the CPSUs, SEBs etc., but from the power sector in general. An icon on Ministry's web site for this purpose has been introduces. Direct links with PSUs have been established through National Informatics Center (NIC)

Notice inviting tender for all public sector undertakings can now be accessed through a dedicated icon in the Ministry's website.Some states have also provided linkage to this icon in respect of there power sector and more states are joining. Its is proposed to develop a comprehensive website on tenders and bids for the entire power sector in the country by involving the private sector also.

Reform Inducing Memoranda of Understanding with States

The Ministry has interacted with each State to draw up reform-linked Memoranda of Understanding wherein its commitment towards reform will be brought out through measurable milestones in return for proactive Central support in project development, system improvement and power allocation. Fifteen states have already signed the Memoranda of Understanding

Accelerated Power Development Programme (APDP)

The Government has sanctioned Rs 1000 crore for the Accelerated Power Development Programme (APDP) in order to improve operational efficiency of old generating stations through renovation/modernization and reduce the transmission and distribution losses. Funds from APDP would also be used for ensuring 100% metering of all consumers which had been decided in the last Chief Minister's Conference on Reforms held in February 2000. APDP would also be used as an instrument to achieve the twin objectives of ensuring power sector reforms in states and improving the financial and technical health of electricity utilities. The allocation to APDP has since been increased to Rs 1500 crores for the current fiscal.

For the implementation of APDP scheme, model districts have been identified as centers of excellence in respect of supply and distribution under APDP

Rural Electrification


Rural Electrification has suffered badly on account of the poor financial health of the State Electricity Boards over the last decade, nearly 80,000 villages are yet to be electrified. A seven year action plan has been drawn up by the Ministry for achieveing 100% rural electrification by the year 2007 

The Plan would include the Member Parliament Local Area Development Fund (MPLADs), new definition of electrification, state specific information and plans, assistance to states from Center as in case of Minimum Needs Programme etc.


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