The First Pedestal - Minister for Industry

Shri Suresh Prabhu took over as Union Minister for Industry in May 1996, the tenure was short one, only 13 days. During the period efforts were made by him to create transparency in the functioning of Ministry and clearance of the pending work.



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Power Ministry

  • Major Initiatives as Minister of Power

    As Union Cabinet Minister of Power, Shri Suresh P. Prabhu has undertaken a number of initiatives notable of which are

    Electricity for All by the year 2012 

    The Ministry has set for itself a target of providing electricity for all by the year 2012 to be achieved through its availability, accessibility and affordability. The 16th Electric Power Survey has recently been released by the Central electricity Authority. As a sequel, an Action Plan for capacity addition of over 100,000MW of pwer as well as providing the associated transmission and distribution systems has been drawn up in the Ministry.

    A high level multidisciplinary committee constituted under the Special Secretary (Power) has submitted a report for reduction of cost of power and thus making it affordable. The report is under implementation.


Environment Ministry

  • Major Initiatives as Minister of Environment & Forests
    Major Initiatives as Minister of Environment & Forests

    During his tenure as Cabinet Minister, Shri Suresh P. Prabhu's major thrust areas included prevention and control of pollution, conservation of natural resources, regeneration and development, environment policy and law, environmental information and education, research and international co-operation. Brief of the various initiatives undertaken in these areas are outlined below:


Chemical & Fertilizers Ministry

  • General Initiatives
    General Initiatives


    A Cleaner Environment

    One of the first initiatives, he took soon after his assuming charge of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers, was in regard to environment protection and systematic improvements in the working of fertiliser companies. The fertiliser sector companies were directed to take action to achieve ISO - 14000 standards which provide for most comprehensive and stringent certification process devoted to environment protection and improvement of overall working of the company. Consequently, all the fertiliser companies have responded and have worked out a definite program for achieving certification under ISO - 14000.


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